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Common Computer Repairs

We offer a large variety of computer repairs. They vary from Viruses to Broken Screens. Below are some of the most common issues.

Screen Replacement

We can replace all variety of laptop screens. We replace Macbook Pro / Retina as well as all PC and Touch Screen laptops providing parts are available.

Software & Hard Drive

If you are having Widows or macOS software issues we can repair or reinstall programs or the operating system. If your hard drive is failing causing booting / software issues then we can replace it and also offer data recovery.

Battery Replacement

If your laptop has an internal battery we can help replace it. Same goes for CMOS batteries.
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We can replace the receiving port on your laptop where your charger plugs in.

Speaker/Mic Repair/Video

If you can no longer hear audio, have video issues or microphone issues on your computer we can help. Hardware or Software.

Liquid Damage Repair

For computers we offer “peripheral component” repairs when it comes to liquid damage.
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Common SmartPhone Repairs

We have seen it all when it comes to damaged phones. Ran over by cars, fell off the counter and even dropped in cooking oil. You name it and we have fixed it. Here are some of the most common repairs.

Screen Repair

Cracked glass/touch screen, dark ink like blemishes, touch screen non responsive, screen discolouration.

External Button Repair

Sleep wake button unresponsive, volume up and volume down buttons no longer working correctly, home button not working

Battery Replacement

If your phone is no longer holding a good charge and dying quickly we can help by replacing it with a high quality 0 cycle new battery.

Charging Port Repair

If your phone is not charging we can replace the port where your charger plugs.

Audio / Mic Issues

If you are having trouble hearing your loud speaker, ear speaker or headphones we can fix it. If people cannot hear you due to mic issues we can help get your phone working.

Liquid Damage Repair

Unfortunately there are still phones out there that are not water proof, we can do our best to try and revive a phone that has been exposed to moisture for the sake of Data Recovery. We will assess the device in order to get valuable pictures and data.

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