Monterey iPhone Repair

Unmatched Warranty

90 Day Warranty on all repairs! Parts & Labor

If you get a repair done at our shop rest assured you are covered! If there is any defect in the repair itself or parts used we have an unconditional 90 Day Warranty on both the parts and labor! Never spend another penny if there is any reason to have us take a look at a repair we did.  Ask our competition about their warranty and you will see why many people choose us.

Free Diagnostics*

We offer free diagnostics on all repairs! Do not pay $79 elsewhere just to have someone take a look at your computer. We will take a peek at water damaged devices as well to see if it is salvageable but be aware in order to truly find out the repair-ability there is a cleaning process that needs to happen and that is not a free service. Everything else is covered!

Most diagnostics are done while you wait! We can check to see if your hard disk is going bad, weather or not there is a virus on your computer or why your iPhone ringer is not working for example.

What if I decide not to get my device fixed after the diagnostic phase?

No problem! We totally understand and it is no big deal! We will shake hands and part friends! No charge, no hassle!

What if you cannot fix our device?

We offer a simple solution to this. No-Fix No-Charge.

monterey computer diagnostics

One of our techs diagnosing a CMOS battery issue on a Toshiba laptop.