Why Choose Us

Monterey Low Cost Computer Repair

When it comes to choosing a repair shop the choices can be daunting.. We make it easy.

monterey computer repair

So many choices…

We are afraid of the same things you are when we need something fixed. Most importantly is cost, turn around time and quality.


When you get something fixed at our shop you get a free diagnostic! That means we will take a look at your device free of charge and gather all the necessary parts and labor costs. Then we will give you a Flat-Rate price that WILL NOT GO UP IN ANY WAY WITHOUT NOTIFICATION.  No Hourly Rates! After all who the heck knows how long a repair takes?? We offer peace of mind that the price we give you is the final cost allowing you to make informed decisions about your device.

Turnaround Time

We need our phones and computers more than ever these day and we understand this. We do our best to keep turnaround times as short as possible! Our techs are commission based and do not get payed until the job is done to help motivate and expedite repairs. Most cell phone repairs are 1 hour or less. Most computer repairs are 1-3 days with exceptions for parts ordered.


We offer an unmatched 90 day guarantee on ALL REPAIRS. If there are any issues with a repair we have a no hassle policy to take care of said issue as soon as possible. With that said we avoid making any mistakes in the first place. We slow down and commit our full attention to every project we work on and because of this we feel confident in our repairs that we will stand by our work.


We encourage you to find out the policies of other shops. Most places will re-charge you for return visits or make excuses. We will never give you the run around and you can always message or call us.

WE ARE LOCATED ON DEL MONTE AVE RIGHT ON THE BEACH. ***WE ARE NOT LOCATED IN THE DEL MONTE MALL*** HOPE THIS CLEARS UP ANY CONFUSION! Thanks for voting us best computer repair shop 2017 in the Monterey Weekly!