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Monterey iPhone Repair Water Damage

iPhone 4 Water Damage Corrosion. This is what we clean in shop. Tech - Matt

Let's Talk About Water Damaged Electronics! (For sake of Data Only)

Well this is one of the most mis-understood of all the services! What really happens when water get's in your iPhone or Laptop is a process of corrosion. Basically the main circuit board (Mother Board / Logic Board) begins to corrode due to the water. Why does this happens? Well the circuit board as seen above is made of Copper, Gold, Zinc and other metals. When those come into contact with water they begin to decay.  You can see the iPhone as seen above is very damaged. The white fuzz you see around the connectors is conductive corrosive metal and will cause this iPhone to short or not work properly.

A macbook pro with water damage at our shop getting ready to be cleaned.

A Macbook pro with water damage at our shop getting ready to be cleaned.

How we handle water damage ( DATA RECOVERY ONLY)

We employ several methods to recover data from water damaged devices. In the picture above our techs are working on a Water Damaged Macbook Pro. Basically we need to remove the corrosion. We use a sonic cleaner to remove the debris as well as an alcohol / flux solution. Once we are done with that we move onto the reflow process where we re-solder bad or cold solder joints damaged from water. After we deem the main components clean and ready to go we can then move onto the testing phase and finish the data recovery. That is where we finish the last of the troubleshooting and re-assemble the devices.

monterey iPhone water damage repair

Our techs getting a freshly wet iPhone for repair

  How to improve your success rate in getting water damaged devices data recovered!

There are so many things that can make the water damage worse and lessen the success rate.

Never "Wait for the device to dry" - All this does is give the metals time to corrode and rust.

Never use "The Rice Trick" - Same as above it gives the device time to corrode and on top of that it is not effective. It also leaves starches in the phone that are conductive! So when you turn it on after it sits not only is there connections that should not be touching but added starch!

Never use a Hair Dryer or Apply Heat! You will most likely damage other components, melted keyboards, too much heat on the LCD display, cause the battery to swell or any number of things. DO NOT DO THIS!


The best thing and only way to help improve your odds of repair is the have a professional at our shop disassemble the device, remove the main board and perform the cleaning process! Everything else is myth. We do HUNDREDS of water damaged devices each year. I know you want to save money and these are cheap "fixes" but really all it does is make the matter worse.

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Salinas iPhone Water Damage Repair

Corrosion under the heat shield of an iPhone 4 Logic Board.


Monterey iPhone Water Damage

Our techs disassembling a water damaged iPhone.