iPhone 4 / 4S Repair

We can fix any issue on iPhone 4 or 4S!

iPhone 4 / 4S Screen Repair

If your iPhone 4 / s screen repair is broken, not responding or the lcd display is black or bleeding we can fix this for a low cost! We also offer some custom colors when in stock. We only use the best LCD assemblies with original retina display! No cheap knock off LCD displays!

Salinas iPhone Screen Repair

iPhone 4/S Original LCD/Digitizer Assembly

Salinas iPhone Repair

This iPhone has seen better days!

Salinas iPhone 4 Screen Repair

iPhone 4S Screen Repair

iPhone 4/S Charging Port, Microphone & Home Button Repair

If you are having any issues with charging or syncing your iPhone 4/s this repair will fix it! This repair involves replacing the charging port and that cable also has the Microphone and Home button connector on it. This will solve any of the above issues above and it is low cost and fast to repair!

Salinas iPhone 4 Charging Port Repair

Charging Port Repair

iPhone 4S Charging Port Repair

Charging, Mic, Home Flex Cable.

iPhone 4/S Home Button Repair

If you are having issues with a sticky or non-responsive home button repair we can help! We can disassemble your phone and replace the flex cable with a new one.

Salinas iPhone 4/S Home Button Repair

iPhone 4/S Home Button Repair

iPhone 4/4S Power Button, Ear Speaker & Proximity Sensor Repair

If you have a jammed or broken power button we can replace it! This will also fix the earpiece speaker since we replace the cable with it on it. This repair also fixes any proximity sensor issues (This is the sensor that turns your screen off when you hold the phone to your face so you do not dial any buttons during calls). These are often problematic when other repair shops do a poor job during screen repairs.

Salinas iPhone 4/S Power Button Repair

iPhone 4/S Power Button Repair Service

Monterey iPhone 4/S Power Button Repair

iPhone 4/S Power Button Flex

iPhone 4 / 4S Headphone Jack, Power Buttons & Silent Toggle Repair

If you are having issues with your Headphone Jack or your Volume up / Volume down or Silent on / off switch than this is your repair.

Salinas iPhone 4 Headphone Jack Repair

iPhone 4 Headphone Jack Repair


Salinas Volume Button Repair

iPhone 4 Headphone Jack Flex

iPhone 4 / S Battery Terminal Connector Repair

Many people break this internal part when trying to repair their own device. It is a motherboard component. We use a hot air soldering technique to fix this. So before you run down to any old repair shop beware there are a lot of noobies who use an iron or try and glue it...

Salinas iPhone 4 Battery Connector Repair

iPhone 4 battery Door Repair

iphone4batterydoorfixediPhone 4 / 4S Battery Swap

If your iPhone is not holding a charge properly then this will fix it. Also if your phone is rebooting randomly this will also help correct that if the battery is found to be the issue.

Salinas iPhone 4 BatteryiPhone 4 / 4S Back Glass Repair

If the back of your iPhone 4 or 4s back is damaged or shattered we can fix it! It is super cheap too!

 Monterey iPhone Back Glass RepairiPhone 4 / 4S Water Damage Repair [MORE INFO CLICK HERE]

We do water damage repair for iPhone 4 and 4S!

monterey iPhone water damage repair

Our techs getting a freshly wet iPhone for repair

We also offer custom colors for iPhone 4 and 4S!

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