iPad Mini Repair

Monterey - Salinas iPad Mini Repair

iPad Mini & Retina Repair Services

We offer all the repairs for the new iPad Mini and iPad Mini With Retina!

Why Choose us?

These iPad’s are very difficult to repair. They take a lot of attention to detail. Often these devices come in with dents in the metal frame amongst other challenges. We do not skip steps like other places or amateurs tend to do.

Our Adhesive Process

Monterey - Salinas iPad Mini Repair

This is where everyone falls short on iPad repairs. No matter what the repair is the screen needs to be removed. The screen is held in with adhesive and for us everything needs to be put back exactly how it was or better!

Monterey - Salinas iPad Mini Repair

Our adhesive is a premium heat cured seal. No dust will be sealed in and NO DUST will get in! We offer a lifetime warranty on our adhesive seal! Never deal with a lifted screen or dust under the glass!

iPad Mini Screen Repair

We replace the iPad Mini Screen with an OEM part! Includes new Home Button and IC power chip!

Monterey iPad Mini Repair

Monterey - Salinas iPad Mini Repair

Our Repair Part:

Salinas iPad Mini Screen RepairiPad Mini LCD Repair Service

If you have a bleeding or damaged lcd we will replace it with a new lcd panel!

Monterey iPad Mini LCD RepairiPad Mini Lightning Charging Port Repair

If you broke or damaged the charging port we can take apart your iPad Mini and replace the port with a new working one. This is a difficult repair that requires us to solder 20 pads.

Salinas iPad Mini Repair

WE ARE LOCATED ON DEL MONTE AVE RIGHT ON THE BEACH. ***WE ARE NOT LOCATED IN THE DEL MONTE MALL*** HOPE THIS CLEARS UP ANY CONFUSION! Thanks for voting us best computer repair shop 2017 in the Monterey Weekly!