iPad Air Repair

iPad Air Repairs

We offer a full range of services when it comes to repairing your damaged iPad Air.

iPad Air Screen Repair

Monterey - Salinas iPad Air Repair

If you have a cracked screen or experiencing touch issues this service will be right for you. One major reason to choose us over the other shops is out attention to detail. We will round out any dents and ensure NO DUST get’s sealed between the glass and display. We also have  a LIFETIME warranty on our Adhesive! That means we guarantee against dust or lifting of the glass. Ask our competitors if they ever had a screen just fall off and what their warranty is 😉

iPad Air LCD Display Repair

Monterey - Salinas iPad Air LCD Display Repair

If you dropped your iPad Air and the Display is not functioning properly or has ink spill looking blots all over or a white blank screen then a new Retina LCD Display is needed. We will offer the same care as mentioned above under screen repair but also install a new LCD. There is a 50/50 chance the glass may need to be replaced as well if the LCD is broken because of the fact that it is glued to the metal and very hard to remove we will try our best but worst case cost of parts will be applied.

 iPad Air Charging / Lightning Port Repair

Monterey - Salinas iPad Air Charging Port Repair

Not charging? No problem. We can open the device and re-solder a new charging port on your iPad Air and get it up and running in no time! Glass may also need to be replaced since opening the device can result in glass damage. This is just because of the glue used on the iPad Air and this is true no matter who you decide to have fix it. We are up front and honest about it (No surprise Fee’s….) of course on parts cost will be applied if needed and we are careful as can be.

iPad Air Water Damage

See our info here: http://montereycomputerrepair.com/water-damage/

WE ARE LOCATED ON DEL MONTE AVE RIGHT ON THE BEACH. ***WE ARE NOT LOCATED IN THE DEL MONTE MALL*** HOPE THIS CLEARS UP ANY CONFUSION! Thanks for voting us best computer repair shop 2017 in the Monterey Weekly!