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We have the most comprehensive set of skills in the Monterey County when it comes to data recovery.

We will do anything in our power to recover your data no matter what the device is!

We offer recovery on:

SMARTPHONES & TABLETS - See our other website here for our IN DEPTH info and information on the subject!:


DVR / NAS / RAID Systems

CD / DVD and other Antiquated storage mediums.


We have a "DO NO HARM APPROACH" to data recovery that we wish other companies shared. We always put the success of your data recovery FIRST before attempting or modifying your data source in ANY way. We operate with the utmost respect for your valuable files and data and would NEVER do any sort of repair or attempt any sort of recovery that could put your data in more jeopardy than it was before coming in. SOME SHOPS will attempt to extract the data in a manner that may degrade the device you are trying to save by trying things desperately without DELIBERATE action and knowledge to get your data, all the while making it MORE difficult or at times IMPOSSIBLE to recover an otherwise recoverable situation by professionals like ourselves after they have failed! With that said if you have had an attempted recovery elsewhere and they said "SORRY NO LUCK IT'S DEAD" or "THIS IS GOING TO COST THOUSANDS AND NEEDS TO GO TO X COMPANY" then please bring it to us FIRST! Most of the time these people are WRONG!


We RESPECT your privacy 100% and our data extraction method allows us to do a BLIND BACKUP where we are able to check the integrity of the files and compare the amount of data from the SOURCE compared to the TARGET media where your files will be saved and returned. We do not keep or store your data after the recovery is complete. Once it is delivered to you the data is scrubbed and the disk it was stored on written zero's to it overwriting it beyond recovery.


We are very proud of our tools and resources available! Not only do we have some of the most comprehensive tools but also the skills to match.

What makes our recovery attempt different than other places?

Hardware Based Recovery for HARD DRIVES: Our proprietary tools allow us to recover data direct to a machine that can not only overcome hardware failures but expects there to be some! Most if not all the other local shops in the area are using a normal computer or server and using software to recover your data!


What is the difference you ask? Well in short most shops are using software or Linux Systems to attempt to save or IMAGE your data on your failing drive. The problem is that all these systems rely on a special controller or ATA hard drive controller to talk to the drive being saved. It also relies on the Computer BIOS / Operating System, Kernel and File Manager or any other programs involved to talk to your failing hard drive. ALL OF THESE sub-systems expect a healthy drive and ARE NOT ideal when dealing with recovery.


When a drive starts to degrade, it loses the ability to abide by the rules of the ATA protocol, and the computer’s hardware and system software are not designed to handle such deviations. This may lead to any number of exceptions, causing the system to freeze or restart, fail to identify the drive, intermittently drop the connection to the drive, or work too slowly for meaningful data to be recovered.

Our tools use a direct to drive and proprietary ATA controller that allows for more efficient and better data recovery!


We can recover up to 50% MORE drives IN HOUSE than most other shops! Where there is a solution that is often MISSED elsewhere.

WE ALSO FIX FIRMWARE ISSUES WITH HARD DRIVES! So many places miss these types of errors!


Some hard drives are not able to be fully recovered do to damaged media or physical damage that is too much to overcome with standard recovery hardware and in house solutions. Because of this we do have to occasionally work with our close partner to recover your data in a clean room environment.  k1481565-big (1)

We have access to the BEST clean room recovery center in the Country! We can offer clean room recovery at a FRACTION OF THE COST that other providers offer. Although it is low cost it does cost more than our in house solution! HOWEVER most drives are well under $1000 to recover compared to $2k + elsewhere! Let us do a free assessment to determine if this is needed.


Not only are we local (we accept mail in repair too) but we can assess and recover data fast. Feel free to stop by or call us with your questions. We are always ready to save your data.