Custom Computer Building


Custom Computer BuildWe can tailor build your next computer!

Why have us build your next GAMING / WORK / PLAY computer? There are many reasons to have us build your next machine!

Custom Computer Build


We are experienced builders and do this professionally for a living. We know what the latest and greatest parts are and how to tailor fit a machine to your budget and goals. We also take the time to work out the "details" like making sure there is proper airflow and fans are going in the right directions and that cable management is done so it not only looks good but is easier to access and maintain.

Custom Computer Build


Believe it or not when building a custom computer there are a lot of pitfalls one can fall into! The first and foremost is not meeting the customers expectations by focusing SOLELY on saving money. What exactly do we mean? Well a good example would be choosing the right brands that are trusted and proven for long term use and reliability. Too many people "Cheap out" in area's that critical. The most glaring issues we see are that people assume that if the specs are right that brand does not matter. Just like anything from cars to mobile phones and furniture etc there are clear quality differences in what you buy and computer parts are no different.

We avoid the problem brands like G.Skill RAM *looks cool - fist part to fail after a year, Rosewill everything, Generic Coolers, Solid state drives with poor track records, cheap motherboards like Asrock, Biostar with low quality capacitors and non durable components and most importantly we will help you choose a CASE that will NOT fall apart and will ALLOW for proper cable management and cooling!

Custom Computer Build


We save you MONEY. We do this by not using low cost quality parts... The cost difference between replacing a part in 1 year VS 5 years by spending an extra $10-15 over the cheaper quality counter part SAVES you money and delivers a better and more enjoyable computing experience!

We work with your budget! You can tell us what your goal is (Gaming, 3D Design, Home Server, Mixed Use, Math) and let us know your target price and we will put together a few options that are FLEXIBLE and can be configured to your liking. You are the boss we are your consultant and tech. It's your dream let's make it happen! Weather it is a small budget or big let's talk.

We should also mention upgrades and repairs are more practical and affordable and that brings us to the next point...

Custom Computer Build


When it comes to computers and reliability custom builds are great options. This is for several reasons. The first is that most computers have a certain life span. There is going to be a certain amount of wear and tear on components and like anything parts will get old or fail.

Custom builds have some key advantages over store bought / proprietary computers.

  • They are standardized and part sourcing is EASY vs a propriety computer like an iMac / Laptop or specialty computer like some Alienware or ROG rigs. This makes breakdowns, repairs and upgrades a breeze!
  • We leave room to grow! We make sure to get components that will have upgrade headroom for down the road! We do this for example by maximizing the room allowed by a motherboard. Some may try and save you $10 by buying four sticks of 2GB ram to get get 8GB total for your system but fill all of your ram slots so when you go to upgrade you need to REPLACE all the sticks rather than ADD more. We would use ONE 8GB stick so you have 3 slots for upgrades! Also by choosing a nice case we allow for expansion for adding more Hard Disks or Video Cards and maybe more cooling options. Same goes for motherboard choice. We can if you prefer do a Micro ATX (SMALL build with less room for parts) or recommended FULL Sized ATX with lots of slots and room for upgrades.

With laptops or all in one PC's or proprietary case designed computers you may end up spending more money not only because the machines are different but also if a repair or upgrade needs to happen. Go with us and get the flexibility!

What we see out there is not great. CyberPower PC often uses UNBRANDED liquid coolers that fail (we get them in our shop) poor cable or no cable management and ram that is not of good quality and same goes for the cases. They look cool online and the prices are good but who cares if the PC is garbage? Many other brands like Alienware / ASUS ROG make some great machines BUT the cost VS specs are not nearly as good as what we can do on the same budget pound for pound.

Custom Computer Build

FAST TURNAROUND! 4-10 Days depending on part availability.


We offer a 1 Year parts and Labor warranty.

Fast local support.

Unlimited free support and consults.

We use parts with long Manufacturers warranties up to 5 years on most items or lifetime. Should something happen years down the road we can help arrange an RMA.

Custom Computer Build

Cool Factor:

Yes we can build you a unique and powerful computer. We can do lot's of LED lights, Liquid Cooling, Crazy Case or Toned down, No LED's silent case. You are the boss.

Custom Computer Build

Call or stop by for a free consult! All these pictures are of builds we have done.

Custom Computer Build

Custom Computer Build

Custom Computer Build

Custom Computer BuildCustom Computer BuildCustom Computer Build