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Monterey Computer Repair & iPhone was Founded Late 2009. Our goal was to simplify computer and electronics repair for customers. We focused not on just computers but all the new emerging electronics such as touch screen cell phones, tablets and media devices. We make it simple with flat-rates and ditch the confusing and overprices hourly rates most places charge. We broke the mold by offering free diagnostic on most all repairs and honoring a code of no-fix no charge. We go by high moral standards and honesty is what makes us different. We often provide customers with photographs during repairs and can provide these on request.

Friendly and easy going attitudes!


Thumbs Up For Fixed Macbook Pro Screens!

We try our best to take the pain out of the process of electronics repair by having a good attitude and disposition. Answering any phone calls with a smile and making sure we go the extra step to resolve any questions or adjust any services to fit your needs! No question is too small and no problem is too big. We care more about happy customers than bottom lines. Without you, we are nothing!

We take repairs seriously

We have fun but when it come down to your device we take repairs, deadlines and customer data seriously. We make sure communication is good and that customers are well informed of the status of repairs in the shop.

Meet the staff!

We have friendly and welcoming / experienced staff ready to help you out.


Lead Tech | Owner - Besides fixing electronics I also have a passion for surfing, paintball, airsoft and the outdoors!

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iDevice Repair Tech | Admin | Computer Tech

Jessica is multi talented individual driven by order, structure and attention to detail.  Everything she does is meticulous and thorough.  A true asset to our company.  When she is not fixing iDevices she loves to golf and is an excellent cook!



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