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Have an Issue with Your Sound, Wifi or Keyboard?

We fix all sorts of issues with laptops. These are problems most shops don’t really do but our experts know exactly how to handle these issues. We have great suppliers for all laptop parts even rare or overseas purchased computers.

Description of Repairs

Monterey - Salinas Laptop Sound Repair Fix

Sounds Issues – Is your sound crackly or non-existent? Are your speakers blown or acting funny? We also fix Headphone Jacks on laptops. We will diagnose any sound issue and determine the exact cause. Sometimes it’s software related and sometimes it’s hardware related. Either way we will get the job done right.

Monterey - Salinas Laptop Wifi Repair

WiFi Issues – Is your wireless card not showing up on your computer? Are you no longer able to see available networks? Having trouble staying connected or having limited connection issues? Don’t worry we can help! We will determine weather it’s the actual hardware or weather it’s a software or router issue. Either way when you bring your computer in for Wifi related issues we will get the job done.

Monterey - Salinas laptop trackpad, touchpad mouse repair

Touchpad / Mouse Pad Issues – Is your touch pad no longer responding? Do you need to use a mouse in order to move your cursor? If you said yes to either the chances are that your touch pad is worn out. This happens sometimes and we have fixed this issue many times. Sometimes it is a driver or software conflict but it is common to be a hardware issue. Sometimes people spill a drink on the touch pad and it shorts out. Don’t stress out! We can fix this!

Monterey - Salinas Laptop Keyboard Repair

Keyboard Issues – Do you have a few keys missing on your keyboard? Are there keys that stick or no longer work? Did you spill something on the keyboard? Don’t worry we can fix this for a great price! We will either replace keys if missing or the whole keyboard. Either way this is a fairly in-expensive fix!

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