Password Recovery

Monterey - Salinas Password Recovery & Removal

Need to Retrieve a Lost Password or Remove One?

Let’s face it this happens to best of us! Sometimes you buy a computer and the previous owner forgot to a remove password.  Also from time to time people forget their network password or router login.  Good news is that we can help you!

Windows / Mac Login Password – Are you locked out of you operating system?  If you lost or forgot your password to get into your computer we can recover it.

Monterey - Salinas Windows Password Removal, Mac Password Recovery, Apple Password Recovery

BIOS Password Recovery – Need to get into your BIOS or there is a Password when you first log onto your computer you cant get past? No problem we are experts in resetting this password. It involves taking apart the computer.

Monterey - Salinas Bios Password Removal

Wireless Password Recovery – If you cannot log on to your wifi or access your router we can retrieve your password.

Monterey - Salinas Wifi Router Password Removal - Repair

Email / Website Passwords – If you forgot an Online Password we can help recover it.

Monterey - Salinas Email Recovery

iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac Password Recovery – If you have any of these devices we can help remove the password.

Monterey - Salinas iPhone, iPod, iPad & Mac Password Removal , Recovery

We can also recover other passwords just ask.

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