Mac / Windows system Repair-Upgrade



Monterey Mac Windows Linux Repair Format Install

If you are interested in repairing operating system errors or system errors we can help. We also offer many other services such as upgrades and downgrades to older systems for your computer. We also offer highly discounted rates to install Linux operating systems. We specialize in both Mac OSX and Windows Operating systems!

Operating System Re-Install & Repair

Windows & MAC OSX Error Repair

If you are having errors or getting messages warning you of system malfunctions we can repair the issues or re-install your system to factory fresh settings. Good as new, like the day you got it. DO NOT WORRY WE WILL BACKUP YOUR FILES AND PUT THEM BACK! WE ARE NOT LAZY OR INCONSIDERATE LIKE MOST PLACES THAT JUST FORMAT / ERASE THE DISK WITHOUT WARNING!

Blue Screen Errors

If your Windows system is randomly crashing and you are getting a blue screen error message we can help. Be aware that this is one of 2 possible issues. One being your Windows system has encountered a critical error and needs to be repaired / re-installed. The other being you have a hardware issue. We will always get the correct diagnosis when you bring your computer in!

Monterey - Salinas Blue Screen Fix

Windows 8 or newer blue screen of doom

Monterey - Salinas Blue Screen of Death

Older Windows Blue Screen Error Messages


If your Apple Computer turns on or crashes to a gray screen with a power button then you may have a kernel panic. A kernel panic is when a critical system error occurs and the Mac OSX operating system can no longer run in a stable state. This is a sign that either a hardware component is going bad or that the system is damaged and we need to repair or re-install your operating system. We will always give you a correct and accurate free diagnostic to determine the cause!

Monterey - Salinas Mac OSX Kernel Panic Repair FIX

This is a type of Kernel Panic

Monterey - Salinas Mac OSX Kernel Panic Repair

This is another type of Kernel Panic / Crash

Operating System Upgrade

If you want the latest version of Mac OSX or Microsft Windows we can help you get it installed safely and without risk of accidental data loss. We also provide free tutoring to get you up to speed with the latest version of your new system.

Monterey - Salinas Mac OSX - Wndows Upgrade

Operating System Downgrade

Let's face it not all operating systems are to your liking. At the same time sometimes you need an older system to run older software or to do specialized tasks.  If that is the case we can go backwards and install an older version of Mac OSX or Windows. Sometimes this is necassary as well to use upgrade product keys or in order to get Mac OSX to install properly you need to start from an older version and then upgrade.

Monterey - Salinas Windows Downgrade / Mac OSX Downgrade Older Version

EXAMPLE: Mountain Lion Downgrade to Snow Leopard

Windows 8 Downgrade to Windows 7

This is a really popular option for many people. A lot of people simply do not like windows 8 Metro UI and feel it is more for tablets than computers. We understand that and can offer a downgrade to a very well liked version of Windows 7. It is a bit tricky and will require us to do a full backup and whipe out the partition tables from windows 8 on your disk in order to allow the first part of the install. After that we need to hunt down the vendors and find / make windows 7 drivers to get all the features of your laptop or desktop working properly.

Montery - Salinas Windows 8 Dowgrade to Windows 7

Windows or Mac Error Messages

We also service in place operating systems that are getting error messages. Some common errors we face are listed below.

Low Disk Space Error (MAC & PC)

Monterey - Salinas low disk space error

Windows 7 / 8 Low Disk Space Warning

Monterey - Salinas Your Startup Disk is Almost Full

System Get's Stuck on Installing Updates

Monterey - Salinas Windows Stuck on Installing Updates

Monterey - Salinas App Store Stuck Updating

We do just about anything else as well!

Install software

Update Systems

Install Security

Wireless & Lan Connectivity Issues