Laptop Screen Repair

Monterey - Salinas Laptop Screen Repair

Cracked or Bleeding Laptop Screen or LCD?

Don’t Worry! We got you covered. We are expert LCD and Glass repair techs. We fix ALL MODELS and do both PC & MAC! We have the Best Prices and often have the parts in stock.

How Do I Know if My Screen Needs Replacing?

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if your screen needs to be replaced or if it is another problem such as a video card or motherboard issue. Here are some ways you can tell if your screen needs to be replaced.

Cracked or Bleeding LCD – If your screen looks like a lava lamp or an oil spill for a better term than your LCD needs to be replaced. Here is an example from our shop.


Monterey - Salinas Laptop LCD Screen Repair, Broken Laptop Screen

Outer Glass Screen or Touch Screen is Shattered – Some laptops such as Macbook Pro’s and many HP, Dell & Alienware laptops have a glass screen that is protecting the inner LCD. This goes same for touch screen laptops (digitizers). Sometimes the screen gets shattered. Here is an example of a computer with this issue from our shop.


Monterey - Salinas Laptop Glass Repair, Macbook Pro Glass Repair, Laptop Touch Screen Repar

Lines in The LCD – If your laptop has vertical or horizontal lines it’s most likely the LCD however a diagnostic is needed to make sure it’s not the WXVGA LCD Cable getting pinched in the hinges. Here is an example.


Monterey - Salinas Laptop LCD Repair Lines in the Screen

No Back Light or Dark Screen – If your computer is turning on but you can barely see anything and your screen is really dark you may have a bad back light or a bad electrical component called an inverter. We are experts at diagnosing and repairing this problem! We keep extra components in stock to test weather it is the LCD or other components such as inverters.


Monterey - Salinas Laptop Screen Repair Backlight Repair

Back / Backlight or Inverter

Flickering LCD – If your LCD flickers on and off or different colors it could be a pinched cable. Sometimes it’s worse when it moves or sometimes it just flickers. Could be an LCD or Cable. Our techs are experts at diagnosing and fixing these issues! Here is an example of a computer in our shop with this issue.



Why Choose Us To Repair Your LCD?

We have countless happy customers who have had screens fixed by our techs.

Here are some other great reasons to have our techs fix your LCD issues.

1. Warrantied Work – We offer a 90 Day Warranty on all LCD or Screen Related Problems. You cannot beat that.

2. Trained & Experienced Techs – Our techs fix ALL SCREEN ISSUES. We know how to identify and fix all problems. We even fix LCD’s without replacing them! We also fix LCD’s and Screens on Cell Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Monitors and more. Plain and simple WE ARE THE BEST.

3. LOW FLAT RATE REPAIRS – Our prices rock! When it comes to LCD and Screen repairs we are generally $200 cheaper than our competitors and 2x as fast! When it comes to fixing Apple computer screens we are often $600 cheaper! Thats a LOT of