Desktop PC Repair

We Can Upgrade or Repair Your Desktop

If you have issues with your desktop or are looking to upgrade anything we can help consult or diagnose your machine!

No Boot / Power Supply Issues

If you had a power outage or just have a desktop pc that will not turn on when the button is pressed or randomly turns off then we can fix it.

Monterey - Salinas Computer Power Supply Repair No boot

Video Card Upgrades & Repair

If you are looking to get more performance for newer video games or just for more horsepower in other graphic intensive tasks we can help you decide on a good model for the task at hand and install it.  We can also help you get multiple monitors setup.  Also if your computer has a black screen but powers on this could be the culprit.

Monterey - Salinas Computer Video Card Upgrade RepairRam / Memory Upgrade & Repair

If you are having issues multitasking or programs taking longer to load this is a fast upgrade and will help improve the overall performance.  This can also be a problem part and could cause the computer to malfunction or not boot.

Monterey - Salinas Ram Upgrade / Memory Upgrade

Add additional hard drives for more storage

If you are running low on storage we can upgrade the hard disk or add more.  That is the beauty of desktop computing.  However this is also a possible trouble area and we can diagnose and repair disks as well.

Monterey - Salinas Hard Disk , Hard Drive Upgrade

Complete System Upgrades or Custom Computer Builds

If you are looking to build a specialized computer for yourself such as a gaming rig, home server or single use machine or machines in batches we can do this for you.  Just contact us and we will start setting up a build order and get your a quote.

Monterey Computer Building

Monterey Computer Building