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Professional Data Recovery & Restoration Service

The scariest thing that can happen to most people is that their data is lost. All the hard work, all of the one time photos, your company data or that project you have been working on for years.  Data recovery comes in many forms. Sometimes it is easier than others.  Luckily there are methods and professionals who can help recover your data.

Low Cost Data Recovery

Monterey Low Cost Data Recovery, Salinas CA

We would estimate that 60 - 70% of data loss situations do not require a clean room facility to remove the data at prices ranging from $600 - $1000 offered by most facilities.  If we are able to pull data from damaged devices without the need of a clean room facility we can greatly reduce cost for you and your company or personal computer, memory stick or other device.

Most data recovery situations range from $59 up to $150.  Most data recovery services are at no charge if you are getting a repair such as hard disk replacement or operating system re-install done.  Also rest assured your privacy and data integrity will be kept in confidence.  If we cannot retrieve the data WE WILL NOT CHARGE YOU.  We will simply offer the best alternative.

What Types of Data Recovery Do We Do?

We do every form of data recovery our there.  Some data recovery is outsourced to clean rooms but most can be done in house.  We can save you a lot of money!  Here are some forms of data recovery that we offer.

Moving Data from one Machine to Another

If you have a new machine and you need your files moved from your old machine, no problem!  If your old computer no longer turns on or boots we can get that data from the dead machine to your new machine.  Most of the time, the price range around the low end of $75.00 or so.

Monterey Computer Data Transfer, Salinas Computer Data Files Transfer

Crashed Computer

Did your computer take a brutal crash?  Is it no longer booting?  Do not worry we can still pull the data off of this computer.

Monterey - Salinas Data Recovery from Dead Computer

Failing Hard Disk

If your hard disk is running extremely slow or not able to boot into your operating system we can recover the data.  This often takes a lot of time but our techs know how important your data is and will work hard and as quickly as possible to get it back.

Monterey - Salinas Hard Disk Repair

Accidental Deletion

Did you accidentally delete a file off of your computer, thumb drive or SD card? Don’t worry just stop using the device to prevent the files from being overwritten.  We can even recover entire disk partitions once formatted

Monterey - Salinas Deleted File Recovery Hard DiskiPhone Data Recovery

Did your iPhone take a dive?  If your iPhone does not boot or is stuck on the Connect to iTunes screen we can often recover the data if it has not been overwritten.

Monterey - Salinas iPhone Data Recovery

Micro SD, Thumb Drive & Solid State Drive Recovery

If you have an SD card , Thumb Drive or Solid State drive that is asking you to format in order to use give us a call.  We often have a high success rate.  The best thing you can do is avoid formatting these devices when they lock up.  Even if your computer, cell phone, camera or other device asks you to.

Monterey - Salinas SD Card Data Recovery, Thumb Drive, Solid State

Almost everything can be recovered it just takes time and patience as well as using all of our available

If you do not see what you are looking for just give us a call!