Cooling & Heat issues

Is Your Laptop or Desktop Over Heating?

Monterey Laptop Fan Cleaning

What is the Danger?


Over time computers may begin to run hot.  This is for several reasons.  If you do not treat the cause of the overheating, your computer will literally fail.  Often the video chips on laptops or the CPU will get so hot it will fail.

Fan Failure

If your fan is not working properly, your computer will overheat. Sometimes the bearing go bad an they make noise or often times they just do not spin at all. (NOT OUR VIDEO BUT YOU GET THE POINT! Hitting your computer is not a solution although it may be tempting 😉 )

Dust or Debris in the Fan / Heat Sink assembly

Monterey Laptop over heating

Picture we took of an MCR&I customer’s computer. Canned air will not clean this!

If animal dandruff or dust / lint begins to build up around the fan, it can cause over heating.

Dried Thermal Paste or Dried Heat Shims

Laptop Cooling

The silver residue is the old thermal past and the yellow pad is a dried out heat transfer shim.

There is a paste that goes on top of the the CPU and GPU (Graphics & Central Processor Chip) called “Thermal Paste.”  Thermal paste transfers the heat from the chips to a piece of copper called the heat sink.  The heat sink is then cooled by the fan.  If the paste dries out, the transfer of heat fails and you will experience overheating.

Monterey Computer Overheating


laptop overheat

A screen shot showing overheating via software tool. Link at bottom of page.

Your computer should never run hotter than 64 C while idle* If you are concerned about over heating please install this tool to view the temperatures. Best way to check is by opening 3 video’s at once while running the tool below. Just download and run the program.




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