Board Level Repairs

microsolderingHere at Monterey Computer Repair we are offering a new type of Soldering Service.

Some popular specialty repairs on on the drop down menu.

Because of the equipment and skill required to solder many shops or customers do not have the time to learn or the money to invest in the equipment.

We have all the latest tools and training and can take on most soldering jobs.

Soldering Services

A small list of services we offer:

Micro Soldering – SMT – SMD – QFN and some BGA (Just ask)

Soldering Services

Cell Phone charging ports – Power Switches, BGA IC and other (Just ask)

Laptop DC Jack ( We offer 2 prices – A discounted rate for shops who provide the correct jack and the PC disassembled and a price to diagnose and dissemble and repair for end user customers)

Soldering Services

Automotive – We are willing to solder on other PCB’s and maybe even Car Remotes etc related to cars granted you know the issue and or provide parts if needed (Electronics repair is our specialty not cars)

Hobby – RC Cars – Planes – Custom PC Fans ETC – Prototyping, ETC (Just Ask) – Bicycle Electronics

Soldering Services

We are open to look into many things. Some things that we may not do are cheap tablets or undervalued items that take too much time.

We may be able to offer some PCB repair if the damage is caused by a failed attempt to solder something yourself but not guaranteed.

Feel free to call or stop by 831-406-1712 – 1105 Del Monte Ave, Monterey – Mon-Fri 10AM to 6PM – Bulk or Repair Shop outsourcing welcomed and Mail in Repairs!

WE ARE LOCATED ON DEL MONTE AVE RIGHT ON THE BEACH. ***WE ARE NOT LOCATED IN THE DEL MONTE MALL*** HOPE THIS CLEARS UP ANY CONFUSION! Thanks for voting us best computer repair shop 2017 in the Monterey Weekly!