Android Repair

Salinas android repair

Our Techs fixing an HTC Mytouch 4G

We fix a ton of Android based devices!

Without a doubt android is the fastest growing smartphone platform! We have been fixing them since the first Android phone released!  We fix screens, water damage and charging ports.

Before you call...

Please be aware that there are TONS of android devices and we need the EXACT model information.

For example: Make: HTC  MODEL:  MYTOUCH 4G.  We will also need the carrier (Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, etc.).  If you cannot find this information then please remove the battery and you will find the model number on the sticker under it.

About the new FUSED Screen / LCD Assemblies..

Salinas Samsung Galaxy S3 Screen Repair

Galaxy S3 Screen Assemblies @ Our Shop

A lot of people are wondering why there are two parts for GLASS only and Glass with LCD Assembly when they look online.  The majority of new smartphones that have been released have the glass and the LCD display fused together using optical adhesive and a tool called an autoclave.  This means that the damaged glass cannot be swapped out.

This makes the repair more expensive because of the fact that the LCD also needs to be replaced.  Yes, you can order the glass only but we will not use it in a repair. We only replace the LCD assembly because it is how the FACTORY DOES IT and we do not want to put out low quality repairs with bubbles under the screens, dust getting in or scratches and finger prints under the glass.


We also fix charging port issues!

Android Charging Port Repair

A broken charging port on an HTC EVO 4G at our shop.

If you have a damaged charging port have us a take a look at it! We use hot air soldering techniques that will properly re-solder and re-attach your broken charging port.

What about Android Tablets?

Sure, we fix a handful of them. Mostly NAME BRAND models. There are a lot of smaller brand models like Lepan, Visio and the like that do not sell repair parts. However Samsung, ASUS and other major brands generally do! Just give us a call and let us know the issues you are having and what the model is!

Do you have all the model parts in stock?

No, we do not. In fact there are so many models out there we often never see a certain model come in. We generally have parts shipped in overnight if needed or if it is not terribly pressing you can stop by when the part arrives and leave the device for around an hour for the repair depending on the severity of the issue.