Smartphone Data Recovery
Galaxy Repair
Virus Removal
Customize your iPhone!
Professional DC Jack Repair
We clean and do cooling maintenance on all devices
iPhone 5 Repair!
We fix most mobile devices!
We fix most Android SmartPhones!
We Fix Macbook Pro's
We Fix Macbook Pro Screens for Less!
We do custom computer builds, troubleshooting and maintenance!
We Fix iPods!
Professional Repair Shop!
We fix iPads for many organizations!

Repair is a noble and uplifting endeavor. It creates jobs, supports the environment, promotes a sense of ownership and inspires creativity. If it can’t be reduced, reused, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished, recycled or composted then it should be restricted, redesigned or removed from production — because we simply cannot sustain the rate at which we’re creating electronic waste.

Cell Phone Repair

When it comes to getting your smartphone fixed we have been serving the Monterey - Salinas area for over 4 years! Screen Repair, Water Damage, Charging issues, Unlocking & More!

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Laptop / Desktop Repair Experts!

We specialize in LOW COST laptop & desktop PC/MAC repair! Everything from charging issues, broken screens, keyboard swaps and even water damage! We also deal with more tame repairs such as Virus removal, Windows or Mac operating system issues and more!

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Data Services

We specialize in non-evasive data recovery. If there is any hope in saving your data for under $150 before sending a hard disk out to an expensive clean room then we are your best shot! We also offer low cost data transfers from dead computers with non-disk issues or simply a transfer to a new one for under $60!

  • Recovery from damaged hard disk
  • Retrieving data from a dead non-booting computer
  • Recovering data from formatted or erased drives / sd cards etc
  • Transferring data from one device to another & making backups of data
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