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Cell Phone Repair

When it comes to getting your smartphone fixed we have been serving the Monterey – Salinas area for over 4 years! Screen Repair, Water Damage, Charging issues, Unlocking & More!

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Laptop / Desktop Repair Experts!

We specialize in LOW COST laptop & desktop PC/MAC repair! Everything from charging issues, broken screens, keyboard swaps and even water damage! We also deal with more tame repairs such as Virus removal, Windows or Mac operating system issues and more!

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Data Services

We specialize in non-evasive data recovery. If there is any hope in saving your data for under $150 before sending a hard disk out to an expensive clean room then we are your best shot! We also offer low cost data transfers from dead computers with non-disk issues or simply a transfer to a new one for under $60!

  • Recovery from damaged hard disk
  • Retrieving data from a dead non-booting computer
  • Recovering data from formatted or erased drives / sd cards etc
  • Transferring data from one device to another & making backups of data
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Alicia D. Seaside, CA 5.0 star rating 5/16/2013 – Yelp

What an intelligent and courteous young man that helped me with my laptop!

Carl P. Pebble Beach, CA 5.0 star rating 5/15/2013

I can completely agree with all the positive reviews posted here for Matt. This guy is incredible and truly knows what he is doing. Beyond that, the quality of work and knowledge Matt offers is unbelievable. Normally, I would go to the Apple Store for my iPhone; but, since coming across this company, I would never second guess going back to him in the future. I highly recommend Matt and suggest to give him the opportunity to troubleshoot your device before going to a “retail” store that will in many cases just try to sell you a new phone.

Debbie M. Pebble Beach, CA 5.0 star rating 5/15/2013

If I could give Matt a hundred stars, I would! He is simply amazing! The service impeccable and his ability to repair electronics is amazing! I broke my iPhone screen and he resided it perfectly! He also gave me a grate rate on my Otter. I also use his services for other electronic needs and he exceeded my expectations. I don’t write reviews but the service I received is worth taking the time to do so! Don’t waste your time on other companies, get it right the first time.

Andrew S. Monterey, CA 5.0 star rating 4/25/2013


Just Wow!!

I recently had my Iphone 4S shutdown on me.  Did not charge and did not turn on.  Tried the 20 sec holding down the home and power button, which was recommended by majority of the people.  Still didn’t work and decided to take it to Genius Bar at Apple (yeah real genius).  The nerdy looking guy took it to the back and came back simply saying ummmmmm i think there is something wrong with the main frame, you need a new phone.  I didn’t believe it.  What a waste of time.

After couple days, I decided to take it to Monterey Computer Repair & Iphone.  I was browsing craiglist for a new/used Iphone and decide to see if they can figure out what was wrong with my Iphone.  Matt was available at the time, he looked at my phone for couple minutes and told me that the usb port might be bad.  He said he can replace them and see if it works.  He said the repair will be done in 45min.

Approximately about 45min, I went back to pick up the phone.  My Iphone was fixed and was back to operation.  Just pure awesomeness!

I highly recommend Monterey Computer Repair & IPhone.  Do not waste your time going to Genius Bar (Del Monte).  They will probably tell you that you need a new phone.

Thanks Matt!!!!!!!!!!!!

John S. Monterey, CA 5.0 star rating 3/23/2013

Matt is a Super Star. Installed a new hard drive in my MacBook Pro in 3 days, and transferred all my files. I did not lose anything. Beat all of competitors in price as well by half of their prices.

Cory A. Marina, CA 5.0 star rating 3/6/2013

Monterey Computer Repair & iPhone is definitely the place to go for any of your computer or iPhone needs!  Matt and the crew know their stuff, and were extremely helpful.  Would highly recommend them for any of your iPhone or computer needs!

Fred H. Pacific Grove, CA 5.0 star rating 3/3/2013

I have received computer service from Matt over the past couple of years on a variety of computer problems. Matt is extremely knowledgeable in all facets of computer issues and has been able to fix my computer problems 100% in a professional, fast, efficient, low cost, and friendly way. His customer service skills are tremendous and he goes out of his way to ensure your computer issues are resolved satisfactorily. Great job Matt, I appreciate your efforts and the outstanding service you provide!!

Darius E. Pacific Grove, CA 5.0 star rating 3/1/2013

Great customer service!  The staff was knowledgeable, fast and effective in resolving a problem with my computer.  Best customer service I have ever experienced with a computer technician.

tara s. Santa Cruz, CA 5.0 star rating 2/25/2013

AWESOME !!!! My iPhone glass was shattered.. I was going to use a repair store in Santa Cruz, they were never there and not stocked! I called this company- they answered the phone, were very helpful and honest . I drive from Santa Cruz and they immediately fixed my phone in 45 min! I would for sure go here again and again!

Amy P. Pacific Grove, CA 5.0 star rating 2/21/2013

Matt is very knowledgeable, and helpful when it comes to repairs.  Great customer service at his shop. Fast repairs.  Would definitely recommend.  He helped me out with a computer virus that I had, giving me some options.  Thanx

Nick C. Carmel, CA 5.0 star rating 2/20/2013

Brought my computer to matt with a very strange audio problem. Took him less time than I expected. Great customer service, and at a fair price. Called me with updates throughout process and also photographed the work he was doing. Great job, will definitely return should I have any more computer or iPhone problems

Katherine P. Monterey, CA 5.0 star rating 2/5/2013

My laptop hinges were broken and this place is near my office, so I went in. I expected to have to replace the whole hinge mechanism. He took the cover off, spent some time inspecting it, and was able to get it almost back to new with a few replacement screws.

He gave me a price to order and install replacement parts for the cosmetic damage – part of the cover was bent and a piece of plastic had broken off in one spot – but didn’t put any pressure on me and didn’t charge me for his time or the replacement screws.

I’ll certainly go back if I have future computer troubles.

Ramses I. Castroville, CA 5.0 star rating 11/28/2012

Flat Rates and Low Cost, just like they say. Incredibly thorough and helpful. AND honest.

Took my HP laptop and was going to be charged about half what others quoted.  Ultimately, he (his name is Matt) only fixed one of the problems and was honest to let me know that he would only fix the other problem (a CPU board problem) ONLY if he could get a new part. He said he would not use a refurbished because that would bring me problems again in no time.

When he could get the new part he investigated and found out that my laptop was still under warranty and told me the steps to take to have HP fix my laptop. (Costco had already dismissed me saying the laptop had no warranty with them or HP).

He then spent two days to pull out all my files, 600gb total, into external drive (just in case HP reset and erased everything when they fixed it) AND he didn’t want to charge me for that! Of course I paid him something for his time and help.

A+ service.

B.V. S. Monterey, CA 5.0 star rating 3/1/2013

Monterey Computer Repair & iPhone is hands down the best!
Matt has worked on several different projects for me (and my family) from complete computer repair, I phone problems ,  internet issues and more.
Friendly, Great Pricing  , knowledgeable ,accommodating is an understatement.  A local Business that I highly recommend and support.

Thank you for all your help in the past , present and in the future

Ramses Castillo reviewed 6 months ago Quality Excellent

Amazingly upfront, honest and thorough service here. And money saving! Took a laptop with a dead system board. Matt (that’s the guy who runs the place) told me that it could be fixed but only if he could find the part in NEW condition. He was honest and told me he could locate refurbished parts but that the fix would then be temporary and the problem would return. As it was, he was unable to fix it as he wanted, BUT he invesigated with HP and found out my laptop did in fact have an active warranty (Costco had already told me my laptop was past their protection period and past manufacture’s warranty). Ultimately sent laptop to HP and problem was fixed for free under warranty. AND Matt also pulled all my files from the dead laptop onto an external drive (took him a few days because of the massive size of files), and insisted on only a $** dollar charge. I’ve had a similar file recovery job done before (it cost me hundreds!).

Kyrie Kuehn reviewed 10 months ago Quality Excellent

This place is awesome! My computer was acting all funky and Matt was able to locate the problem and fix it quickly and at a VERY reasonable price. The guy is friendlier than you could believe, gets the job done (fast and efficient), and has my business for life. *Edit: Again my computer was acting up and I had no idea why, and again Matt did a FANTASTIC job of getting everything running perfectly. I don’t know why anyone would go anywhere else for computer repair. He does phones too, so I don’t know why anyone would go anywhere else for phone repair.

Dustin Moranda reviewed 2 years ago Overall Excellent


Fantastic repair shop. These guys are extremely knowledgeable and have great flat rate prices.

A Google User reviewed 2 years ago Overall Excellent

Last Sunday I was working on a project when my computer suddenly decided to break down on me. I panicked thinking I will miss my deadline. I called Yippie computers at first (not sure why I even bothered). After couple of hours, 100$ later and having a faint idea of what’s wrong with it, I finally called Matt on Monday. He stayed after hours in his office until my computer was ready for me to pick up. That’s what I call an outstanding service!!! The rates are very, very affordable! Matt also fixed my Iphone screen which took him no more than 30 min. Don’t even think twice about looking somewhere else for all your computer issues and Iphone repairs. I also recommended this company to all of my friends!!!

A Google User reviewed 3 years ago Overall Excellent

They went the extra mile, and it still cost me less than buying the parts locally and doing it mysef! Highly recommended, just be aware these are geek-types, not corporate suits. They know their stuff, and enjoy it. I WILL use them next time…